Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMU 1600MPC #147556 for sale

ID: 147556
Turbo pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMU 1600MPC is a high-performance turbomolecular pump with a pumping speed of up to 221l/s. It features a dual magnetron stabilization circuit to provide reliable operation and maximum efficiency. This pump has a maximum drive power of 16kW and a high ultimate pressure of 1x10-8 mbar. With a high throughput and minimal vibration, this product is ideal for applications requiring clean, high vacuum conditions. The advanced control of BALZERS TMU 1600MPC also allows precise calibration and regulation of the vacuum. This product is designed for reducing gas consumption during applications. It provides improved efficiency and minimizes gas consumption during idle periods thanks to its unique regenerative circuit. This pump features a large range of peak rates that allow it to pump a wide range of molecules and products. An additional feature of this pump is the ability to monitor and control the bearing temperature for longer life and improved performance. PFEIFFER TMU 1600MPC is designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures ranging from -20 to 65C. This makes it ideal for pumping applications in a wide variety of industries and processes. Notably, this product utilizes an advanced energy-saving system that allows it to reduce energy consumption during idle periods and switch automatically to a low-energy mode. This energy-saving system allows the pump to function with minimal wear and tear and significantly reduces the operating costs. For easy maintenance and fast service, this product is designed with high-performance components and components that are easily accessible. Additionally, it features a self-cleaning feature that allows the system to maintain itself and clean the pumping chambers for optimal performance. Overall, TMU 1600MPC is a high-performance, energy-efficient pump that is ideal for reducing gas consumption and providing reliable operation for a variety of applications. Its advanced features, robust and reliable construction, and wide range of peak rate capacities make it a reliable choice in the market.
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