Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMU 261 #9085101 for sale

TMU 261
ID: 9085101
Vintage: 2002
Turbo pumps TC600 DCU 200 PM C01 695 A 2002 vintage.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMU 261 is an advanced turbomolecular pump designed for ultra-high vacuum applications. It utilizes a special magnetic bearing, integrated motor controller and a 3-stage radial geometry to provide efficient pumping of low to medium viscosity gasses. Thebearing is a patented design that offers a low vibration operation and extended product life. The pump achieves a high level of compression by running a low compression ratio and has a maximum pumping speed of up to 155 l/s in nitrogen for a pumped volume of up to 6.5 m3/h. The motor controller for the pump is a specially designed equipment that features microcontroller-based pump control with integrated diagnostic functions. It is capable of self-adjustment and can monitor the performance of the pump during operation. It is designed to maintain pump speed and reduce wear and tear due to overheating or gas leakage. The motor controller also features adjustable speed control as well as an emergency shut-off feature. BALZERS TMU 261 pump also features a 3-stage radial geometry designed to meet the needs of ultra-high vacuum applications. It is capable of providing an ultimate compression ratio of up to 2x105. The pump is very efficient in the handling of low to medium viscosity gasses, as well as a wide range of molecular pumps. The 3-stage design also enables the pump to achieve high compression ratios while providing a long service life. TheTMU 261 boasts a very quiet operation, thanks to its low noise specifications. At maximum speed, the noise generated is only under 40 dB(A). To minimize wear, the pump has a special sealing system designed to prevent oil and dust from contaminating the pumping chamber. It also comes with an advanced theft and security unit that helps protect the pump and its components from theft and vandalism. Overall, PFEIFFER TMU 261 is a reliable and efficient pump for vacuum applications. It features a special magnetic bearing, integrated motor controller, and an advanced 3-stage radial geometry to provide efficient pumping of low to medium viscosity gasses. The pump is also capable of achieving maximum speed pumping while maintaining a quiet operation. With its advanced security and theft protection machine as well as its long life service, this is the ideal pump for industrial and medical applications that require a reliable and efficient vacuum tool.
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