Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMU 521UP #124369 for sale

ID: 124369
Turbo pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMU 521UP is a high-performance, medium-capacity, actively-cooled turbomolecular pump. Its design is based on a two-stage diffusive-drag pumping mechanism, and features proprietary BALZERS ULTiMATE pumping performance technology. This pump is designed for use in semiconductor and laser processing and general vacuum applications. BALZERS TMU 521UP offers a maximum pumping speed of 180 l/s and a ultimate total pressure of 2x10-10 mbar. This performance is achieved through the use of two stages of anodized, aluminum coated components, optimized for low-fluid-dynamic losses and minimal internal drag. The first stage consists of two axially arranged stator blades which are supported within a rigid housing while the second stage consists of one radial rotor set. Furthermore, the rotors are made of titanium for enhanced wear resistance. In addition, PFEIFFER TMU 521UP is fitted with an actively-cooled motor which helps to reduce overall energy consumption and provides excellent cooling parameters and improved motor life expectancy. The power connection is equipped with a three-level current monitoring system which shuts off the pump in case of excessive current draw. The pump is DIN compliant with a direct attach KF25 port, and can be installed in any orientation, allowing maximum flexibility in tight spaces. An additional benefit is the integrated krypton ion getter, which functions as a scavenger pump for oxygen, hydrogen, and water vapor molecules, resulting in improved outgassing performance. TMU 521UP is built with a permanent oil mist separator system, which prevents the release of oil molecules into the process chamber. This results in a cleaner, higher-quality vacuum process environment, and helps to extend the life of the pump by eliminating the need to replace the oil. Overall, PFEIFFER / BALZERS TMU 521UP is a reliable and efficient medium-capacity turbomolecular pump that is well-suited for a variety of advanced-level vacuum and semiconductor processing applications. This pump offers excellent long-term performance, low power consumption, and easy installation in tight spaces.
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