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TPH 050
ID: 135762
Turbo pumps ISO flange With KF (16) forelines .
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 050 is a dry extraction pump, designed specifically for the systems requiring very low pressure and very high flow rates. It utilizes a technique known as a two-stage, positive displacement combi pump design, which is a combination of two specially designed rotors that work synergistically to move air or gas in a controlled manner. It is capable of delivering very low pressures of 5x10-3mbar at flow rates of up to 15,000mbar/l/s. BALZERS TPH 050 consists of a reliable, oil-free and maintenance-free bearing system and a low-vibration compact design, which enables it to be used in a variety of applications. The pump utilizes a rotary lobe design which utilizes a durable rotor(s) which operate between two stationary housings, creating pockets which move compressed air or gas. This same technology is used in many other types of vacuum pumps. The two stage combination design helps to reduce internal pressure and the rotor speed, allowing for quieter operation in addition to improved efficiency and pressure stability. PFEIFFER TPH 050 features a wide range of features and performance ratios in comparison to other models of the same type. It has an exceptionally wide pressure range of between 5x10-2mbar and 5x10-3mbar, and a maximum flow rate of 15,000mbar/l/s. The pump also has a long life cycle, being able to operate for over 500,000 hours with proper maintenance and care. The motor runs at a low speed of 1500rpm, producing very little vibration and noise, in addition to the aforementioned benefits of the two-stage combi pump design. TPH 050 can also be customized to meet certain requirements, in order to maximize the efficiency of the system while minimizing operational costs. It is also possible to add a number of additional down stream components, including back pressure valves and condensate traps, to ensure that all gases and vapors are removed before being pumped, creating a virtually leak-free system. Overall, PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 050 is an exceptionally reliable and efficient dry extraction pump, designed for a wide array of applications. It works very effectively at low pressure and high flow rates, providing a safe and leak-free vacuum environment. With its long-life cycle and low-vibration design, it can be relied upon for a multitude of vacuum applications.
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