Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 050 #9076632 for sale

TPH 050
ID: 9076632
Turbo molecular pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 050 is a high-performance, cost-effective vacuum pump which is designed for various applications that require extremely reliable operation. It has a cast iron body with a unique inlet/outlet design, allowing for optimal thermal insulation of the compression chamber. This design also improves pumping speeds and reduces pumping losses. Internally, the pump is equipped with a powerful magnetically suspended turbine that rotates at an unusually high speed of 55,000 rpm. This ensures that high vacuum levels can be quickly and efficiently achieved. In addition, the turbine is designed with an adjustable speed control feature, enabling the pump's speed to be set to ensure precise and repeatable operating conditions. BALZERS TPH 050 has been tested to last for up to 5,000 hours while maintaining a high performance. It is also equipped with a continuous thermal monitoring system that ensures that the temperature of the internal components remains within safe limits, further extending the life of the pump. Furthermore, the system is designed with an efficient finned heat exchanger, providing effective temperature control even during prolonged operation. With a pumping speed of up to 60 m3/h, PFEIFFER TPH 050 is a highly reliable and affordable solution for a wide range of industrial requirements. Its oil-filled rotary vane design allows for a longer service life, providing optimal lubrication at much lower operating temperatures. The pumping performance of this model is also not affected by the presence of non-condensing gases, enabling it to work with different types of vacuum systems. In addition, the design of the oil drain is also optimized to minimize maintenance costs and downtime. Overall, TPH 050 is a reliable and cost-efficient vacuum pump, providing an ideal solution for a variety of industrial applications. It has been designed to be reliable and long-lasting with a high pump speed, intelligent design, and precise temperature control features.
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