Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 055 #151544 for sale

TPH 055
ID: 151544
Turbo pumps ISO-K 63 Inlet Flange KF-16 Outlet Flange Pumping Speed of 55 liters per second for N2.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 055 is a versatile and powerful turbopump that offers superior performance. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including vacuum systems and processes, and can be used in either a direct drive or belt-driven setup. Due to its innovative design, this high-speed pump is engineered to run at pressures as low as 10 -7 mbar, making it an excellent choice for high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum systems. BALZERS TPH 055 utilizes BALZERS Principle, meaning it has a two-stage impeller that helps to ensure efficient pumping and sustained high performance. This impeller is highly efficient and helps to maintain a consistent level of compression in both the inlet and outlet of the pump. In addition, this impeller has been designed with a high-pressure tolerance for added durability and longevity. PFEIFFER TPH 055 also features a highly efficient double-seal equipment. This helps to prevent any loss of energy due to leakage and ensures a consistent, reliable flow. In addition, this double-seal system is designed to fully protect the pump from dust and other particles. Additionally, TPH 055 is equipped with a built-in flow control valve to help regulate the flow rate and optimize operating conditions. PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 055 can also be used in temperatures ranging from -2°C to +90°C, ensuring added versatility and reliability even under extreme variations in atmospheric conditions. It is simple to install and can be either installed in-line or as a part of a unit. Maintenance is relatively straightforward, due to its design being easy to understand and free from complicated equipment. Overall, BALZERS TPH 055 is an excellent choice for high vacuum systems due to its impressive efficiency and versatility. This pump has been meticulously designed to minimize lost energy and waste by its double-seal machine and efficient impeller. PFEIFFER TPH 055 is highly durable and can be used in temperatures ranging from -2°C to +90°C, making it ideal for use in extreme conditions.
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