Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 170 #9083323 for sale

TPH 170
ID: 9083323
Turbo pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 170 is a lightweight and reliable vacuum pump. This pump is used for applications such as spectroscopy, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and general laboratory work. This high performance vacuum pump is designed for continuous operation and can handle a wide variety of pumping speed requirements. It features a simple oil-sealed design, making it easy to maintain and service. The pump features precision machined components, a heavy-duty idler wheel, and an adjustable, positive displacement oil filter. BALZERS TPH 170 comes equipped with an efficient venturi vacuum system that ensures high performance and energy efficiency. This system uses maximum atmospheric pressure to create strong vacuum and reduce energy consumption. The pump has a two-stage bypass valve, which allows a greater range of operating pressure and higher vacuum levels. The pump also features an adjustable vacuum range, which can be adjusted to different needs. PFEIFFER TPH 170 is designed for safe and easy operation. It is built with a sturdy stainless steel outer body and a plastic filter shroud, preventing contamination from entering the system. The motor rotor is made of anodized aluminum and the pump is designed for quiet operation. TPH 170 is a reliable and user friendly pump. It is small and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for those laboratories that need high performance with low maintenance requirements. Its simple design makes it easy to install and operate, while its robust construction ensures a long working life. This pump is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable pumping solution.
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