Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 2101PC #124384 for sale

TPH 2101PC
ID: 124384
Turbo pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 2101PC is a high-performance, ultra-compact, and highly reliable pump designed to meet the most demanding needs of the industrial market. It is an oil-free pump suitable for semiconductor and electronic equipment applications and is suitable for both continuous and intermittent operation. BALZERS TPH 2101PC features a maximum operating pressure rating of up to 35 bar and a maximum volumetric flow rate of up to 45 l/min, allowing it to handle a wide range of applications for a wide variety of industries. The pump also benefits from a wide dynamic operating range, from full load to low power operation. PFEIFFER TPH 2101PC is equipped with a simple and intuitive control panel, allowing users to easily monitor and adjust the performance of the pump. The panel includes LED indicators to signal when the pump is running and when the internal temperature has been exceeded, for improved safety and operation. The pump's motor is shielded against dust and also contains a bearing-shielded drive system for increased reliability and life expectancy. Additionally, the motor features a brushless design for improved noise levels and greater reliability, a copper winding for improved heat dissipation, and an encapsulated stator for improved protection. TPH 2101PC is also constructed to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency, with a cold-forged stainless steel casing, mechanical seals for improved protection against leakage and contamination, and a rubber vibration dampening system for improved protection against noise and vibration. Furthermore, PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 2101PC includes a range of accessories, including stainless-steel flanges for improved durability, vacuum relief valves, inlet and outlet ports, check valves, automatic bleed valves, and manual override valves. This enables the pump to be technically and economically integrated into almost any application. Overall, BALZERS TPH 2101PC is an excellent choice for a wide variety of industrial applications due to its high performance, reliability, and safety features.
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