Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 5000 #124382 for sale

TPH 5000
ID: 124382
Turbo pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 5000 is a high-powered robust turbo pump designed for rotary vane and diffusion pumping applications in industrial and research environments. It is capable of providing a pumping speed up to 5000 l/s and ensures quick evacuation of process gases from large enclosure volumes. This turbo pump is equipped with two balance vapor cells, a six-vaned rotor and electronic motor driver. It is constructed using a combination of stainless steel and high-performance polymers to provide durability and long-term performance. BALZERS TPH 5000 is capable of operating with both continuous and pulsed processes. It features a wide speed range of 100 to 3000 rpm and an adjustable cooling water temperature range between + 20ᵒC and + 50ᵒC - ensuring superior performance and low maintenance costs. The use of polymeric graphite rotors and advanced components ensures the product is reliable and able to operate even at extreme temperatures and pressures. The electronically controlled motor ensures maximum efficiency and reduced power consumption. The pump is equipped with a standard 4-wire connector for speed control and RS232 interface for communication. PFEIFFER TPH 5000 turbo pump also includes an alarm system and a gas leak detection port for detecting potential safety issues. Additionally, a number of additional sensors are used to monitor pressure, temperature, and other parameters during operation. TPH 5000 is a reliable and versatile pump ideal for a range of industrial and research applications. It supports a low vacuum range of up to 1000 mbar and can be used with compatible gas circuits, including water-cooled exhaust pipes, for even higher operational performance. With its dependable design, comprehensive monitoring system, and versatile speed control, PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 5000 will increase process efficiency and enable laboratories and industrial users to achieve more reliable results.
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