Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 520 #179484 for sale

TPH 520
ID: 179484
Turbo pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH 520 is a rotary-piston pump designed to meet the most demanding high-pressure and temperature demands of the chemical, research and other industries. It is composed of a connected set of vanes and cylinders, each of which is synchronized by precision gears and bearings. A central body of hard steel alloy is encapsulated in special seals, with a double cooling circuit to ensure optimal performance, even at high pressures and temperatures. The vanes provide the most efficient pumping ratio and ensure low velocity dynamic losses. The pump operates smoothly, with minimum vibration and low noise levels. The piston/cylinder combination offers great versatility and is suitable for a wide range of liquids, including those with different temperature and viscosity levels. BALZERS TPH 520 provides an excellent seal, ensuring no leakage through compression and balancing. As well, it allows the user to select the number of cylinders in a given application. Moreover, the sealed inter-cylinder connection feature allows excellent heat transfer and power transmission to the pump and prevents heat loss through bleed-off. The sealing equipment also allows the use of optional or alternative high-pressure seals. The power input to this pump is provided through a wide selection of motor configurations, offering speed ranges of up to 7,000 RPM and pressure ratings up to 8 bars (228 psig). PFEIFFER TPH 520 also has excellent operating characteristics which can be reliably maintained over a wide operating range, with a low pulsation level and laminar flow. In addition, the body of the pump is equipped with a special bearing system and seals which are specially designed to sustain high temperatures without fail. TPH 520 has a number of safety and diagnostic features, such as a dry running safety switch, pressure switch and alarm, as well as indicators for temperature, rotor position, unit monitoring/alarm and other functions. The entire machine is designed for repeatability and long-term reliability, backed by BALZERS guarantee. This pump, with its versatility and dependable performance, has earned its place in the industrial and research fields, providing essential utility and valuable safety features.
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