Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH/U-050 #179485 for sale

ID: 179485
Turbo pump.
BALZERS TPH/U-050 is an oil-lubricated mechanical pump ideal for the transfer and pumping of various liquids at high capacities. This robust and reliable non-metallic pump unit is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Its energy efficient operation further adds to contributing to cost savings since it can operate with fewer resources. The pump is composed of a number of components including the main drive shaft, primary rotating element and secondary rotating element. The main drive shaft is connected to a motor and provides the power for the pump to operate at a controlled speed. The rotating elements are located between the stator and rotor and are responsible for drawing liquid from the inlet port and transferring it to the outlet port. In order for the pump to keep running effectively and efficiently, the rotating elements must be lubricated - this is facilitated by an oil lubrication system. PFEIFFER TPH/U-050 features a two-stage design within the pump housing. This two-stage configuration creates a pressure differential between the inlet and outlet by using high-pressure to draw out liquid from the inlet port, before compressing it to high-pressure and passing it out to the outlet. This versatile and reliable pump is designed to meet the high performance needs of a wide variety of industries and applications. It is suitable for applications such as transferring hazardous, corrosive or other hazardous materials, pumping liquids with a high viscosity and generating a continuous suction source. Additionally, the pump unit is designed to provide a tight, safe and efficient seal, creating a leak-proof solution and aiding in providing protection from environmental contamination. PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH/U-050 is engineered to stand up to the wear and tear inherent to demanding applications, making it an ideal solution for industries requiring durable and reliable pumps. Its robust design is compatible with a range of different liquids, and its long service life and low maintenance requirements make it the perfect choice for operations where cost savings and reliability are paramount.
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