Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPH/U-064 #179490 for sale

ID: 179490
Turbo pump.
BALZERS TPH/U-064 is a multi-stage, high-pressure, rotary vane pump. It features a patented three-stage design that increases flow while maintaining a constant pressure. The pump has been designed to achieve reliable, energy efficient operation. Made of stainless steel, the TPH/U-064 has a maximum flow rate of 1.25 cubic meters per hour and a maximum pressure of 80 bar. It also has a built-in safety valve to protect against over-pressurization and to ensure safe operation. This pump is particularly suitable for pumping applications where pressure needs to be maintained while maximizing flow. It is extremely reliable and energy efficient, making it an ideal choice for process and cooling applications. The TPH/U-064 has a two-stage pressure relief system. On each of the two stages, a pressure relief valve is fitted and adjusted to release excess pressure generated by the pump. This system ensures that the safe working pressure of the pump is not exceeded, and protects against system overload under high temperature and pressure conditions. The TPH/U-064 features a wear-resistant plate stack with hard coated surfaces and a standard Teflon coating on its piston wear surfaces, making it ideal for low maintenance and low noise operations. Its wear-resistant plates also provide reduced vibration within the pump, which helps to maintain steady operation. The pump is powered by one of PFEIFFER silent and energy efficient electric motors. The motor is designed to provide optimal performance and can be equipped with a range of optional accessories including gearhead, soft start, energy saving and overload protection options. The TPH/U-064 offers a wide range of benefits including increased flow, improved energy efficiency and reduced noise levels. It is an ideal choice for a variety of applications, especially those requiring a combination of high pressure and high flow.
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