Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPU 050 #9094726 for sale

TPU 050
ID: 9094726
Turbo molecular pump ISO 63 Inlet Flange KF-16 Outlet Flange.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPU 050 pump is a durable, pressure-resistant medium speed turbomolecular pump. It can operate efficiently over a wide range of pressures and is built with an outstandingly efficient bearing system. This makes it a great choice for applications requiring a very precise and fast pumping speed. BALZERS TPU 050 features a two-stage construction design, which allows the user the highest levels of speeds and performance. The first stage employs an optimized titanium turbine, which is driven by a fan wheel driven by a brushless DC motor, thereby delivering superior performance and giving the user a wide range of pumping capabilities. The second stage is a set of two-arm mechanical pump rotor, which is designed to smoothly transition from high vacuum to medium vacuum conditions. This allows for a smooth operation and optimal performance. The pump has two outlet ports; one for the exhaust gas and the other for the exhaust vent. The exhaust vent is designed to deliver a very low level of noise and vibration, ensuring a quieter and more reliable operation of the pump. The device also has a unique turbo venturi design that increases its vacuum performance. Its built-in intelligent vacuum logic controller provides the user with a high level of control and feedback information for the pump. In terms of pumping speed, PFEIFFER TPU 050 pump delivers excellent performance and robustness. Its pumping speeds range from 1 to 9 m3/h. It is capable of attaining very low pressures, allowing the user to reach a high vacuum level quickly and efficiently. Additionally, its pumping speeds can be adjusted easily and quickly to suit the specific needs of a certain application. Overall, TPU 050 pump is an excellent choice for users seeking superior performance and robustness in their vacuum equipment. It has been designed to withstand high pressures and is built with an impressive four-stage turbine-motor assembly. Its superior level of performance and flexibility makes it a top-tier choice for those looking to achieve the highest level of vacuum performance possible.
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