Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPU 060 #9076634 for sale

TPU 060
ID: 9076634
Turbo molecular pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS TPU 060 is a high-performance vacuum pump designed for a wide range of vacuuming needs. This pump comes equipped with a high-performance AC motor, which allows it to reach a maximum flow rate of 60 m³/h at 50 Hz. It is also equipped with noise-reducing features, designed to keep sound levels low. Additionally, it offers automatic selection of the operating mode, allowing the user to adjust the flow rate and operating pressure according to the requirements. The pump is also designed with a self-regulating design, achieving a consistent and reliable performance no matter the environmental conditions in which the equipment is operated. This is done by the pump's two-stage rotor system, which helps to regulate the flow of oil and air, while also allowing the device to be started and stopped without creating changes in the unit's performance. BALZERS TPU 060 also features a highly innovative noise suppression machine. This tool is composed of two guiding outlets, which reduce the noise of the pump and enable it to be installed in most operating environments without creating noise problems. The asset also features vibration damping technology, effectively reducing the amount of mechanical noise produced by the centrifugal motion of the turbine. As a result, the noise levels of the model are significantly lowered. The pump is designed with a low operating cost in mind, since the integrated Electrical Control Unit (ECU) is equipped with a frequency converter that helps regulate the flow of the pump, reducing energy consumption during operation. This allows for optimized equipment efficiency and minimum energy consumption. PFEIFFER TPU 060 is a groundbreaking product that combines highly efficient operation with innovation and efficiency. It is a reliable, low noise and energy efficient pump, designed to meet the most demanding vacuuming needs. It is capable of achieving an impressive flow rate without the need for additional auxiliary components, and provides a reliable and cost-effective solution to any vacuuming requirements.
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