Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS UNO 100 #9076628 for sale

UNO 100
ID: 9076628
Mechanical pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS UNO 100 is an oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. It is designed for medium to high vacuum applications in industrial processing. BALZERS UNO 100 is capable of achieving ultimate pressures of up to 10-2 mbar whereas its inlet capacity is 1 m3/h. The design features a heavy-duty internal construction and large evaporator surface area, ensuring service life and reliability. The mechanical operation of PFEIFFER UNO 100 consists of an eccentric rotor that is connected directly to a synchronous motor via a drive shaft. The rotor is the heart of the pump, and its rotation generates successive compression volumes which progress towards the pump inlet. The rotor also consists of a number of ejector vanes, which create a bidirectional air flow. As the air progresses through the pump, the compression volume is reduced, leading to a decrease in pressure. The suction capacity increases with the reduction in pressure until the desired vacuum level is met. UNO 100 is engineered for easy maintenance and servicing, featuring simple oil and filter changes, as well as access to the motor and other components. The pump also comes with an integrated monitoring system, which allows operators to keep track of temperature, pressure, RPM, oil level, and the status of both the inlet and outlet shutoff valves. PFEIFFER / BALZERS UNO 100 is designed to accommodate a wide range of industrial applications, including packaging, degassing, metal coating, and laser cutting. It is also suitable for special applications such as medical facilities and laboratories. In summary, BALZERS UNO 100 is an oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump that is designed to handle medium to high vacuum applications in industrial processing. It is easy to maintain and highly reliable, and can accommodate a variety of applications.
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