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WKP 500A
ID: 9076619
Booster pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS WKP 500A is a stationary diffusion pump that is designed for industrial applications. It is a robust and reliable vacuum equipment that is capable of attaining a range of ultimate pressure levels, from 10-2 mbar to 10-6 mbar. It is composed of a main unit and an external cooling unit. The main unit comprises a AISI-316L stainless steel body, which is hermetically sealed. The pump head includes a dipole magnet located inside the body, two ceramic baffles, a coalescing material and a scavenging valve. An oil separator is incorporated for continuous removal of gases, dirt particles and oil vapors, with no additional filtering required. The pump also includes a manually adjustable supply gas valve and an oil level indicator for automatic system monitoring. The cooling unit incorporated to the pump is an integral part of the unit, as it reduces thermal load and increases the pump performance. The external cooling unit works as an oil separator, ensuring safety and reliability. Its temperature regulator maintains the proper oil and ambient temperature levels. Additionally, its detection device detects any features of improper functioning, deactivation or breakdown. BALZERS WKP 500A features an innovative design, enabling minimal external diameter for a maximum pumping speed; its cross-flow principle works both in inhalation and exhalation. Its compact construction ensures easy installation in systems where space is limited. PFEIFFER WKP 500A is designed with a modular concept, allowing for the addition of various components such as different mechanical shaft seals, an external oil-return piping and oil heating systems. Its intuitive design makes maintenance and repair easy and fast. In addition, WKP 500A features an innovative oil-controlling machine, which is designed to reduce oil consumption. It is equipped with an automatic cut-off of supply gas when the oil level drops below the pre-set safety limit. This ensures optimal performance and greatly reduces the risk of oil mist and residue accumulation. PFEIFFER / BALZERS WKP 500A also features a built-in oil viscosity monitoring tool. This enables users to take corrective action and regulate the oil temperature and viscosity, thereby optimizing the performance of the diffusion pump. BALZERS WKP 500A is an excellent choice when ultra-high vacuum operational levels are required. It is suitable for industrial processes like hardening, brazing, plating, thermal treatment of high-value components, plastics, rubber and rubber-like materials. It is also used in vacuum drying furnaces, vacuum chambers, electron microscopy, deep-freeze temperatures extremes and other processes.
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