Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS WKP1000A #9096846 for sale

ID: 9096846
Pump Part Number PPW41000 Displacement: 1284 CMH Inlet connection: DNISO160 Outlet connection: DNISO100 Type of oil: H/C or PFPE Minimum size backing pump: 100 CMH Cooling: Air Motor power: 4 kW, 380 V, 3 Phase.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS WKP1000A pump is a robust, high-performance two-stage inlet rotary vacuum sequencer, ideal for applications requiring rotation of the sample during long processing times. It utilizes two stages of high-precision ceramic-grade bearings to deliver maximum torque with impressively low noise. The built-in brushless DC motor is designed to ensure a smooth start-up operation for a wide range of inlet speeds, with a maximum inlet speed of up to 5000 RPM. The motor is controlled with a pressure switch and a reversible timer that enable operation of the pump to be optimized precisely for each sample. BALZERS WKP1000A pump also features an innovative internal chamber that helps to reduce turbulence during processing, and it is available with several different inlet sizes to accommodate various volumes of sample. The internal chamber is designed to maximize sample throughput and features three different fluid-flow paths to allow for optimal sample distribution and uniform processing. The pump is also designed to maximize efficiency while still providing excellent performance, thanks to its efficient motor design and unique adjustable inlet and outlet vanes. The design of the inlet and outlet vanes allows users to adjust airflow direction, velocity, and pressure, giving users greater control over their vacuum process. This allows the user to tailor the performance of the pump to the individual sample requirements. PFEIFFER WKP1000A pump is a reliable and easy-to-use two-stage rotary vacuum sequencer, making it an ideal choice for applications where long processing times are common. Its reliable ceramic-grade bearings, high-performance motor, adjustable inlet and outlet vanes, and efficient internal chamber all make WKP1000A a top-tier choice for any vacuum process.
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