Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS WKP1000AS #9096852 for sale

ID: 9096852
Pump Displacement: 1284 CMH Inlet connection: DNISO160 Outlet connection: DNISO100 Type of oil: H/C or PFPE Minimum size backing pump: 100 CMH Motor power: 4 kW, 380 V, 3 Phase.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS WKP1000AS is a high-performance rotary vane pump designed specifically for UHV applications. It offers excellent vapor handling capabilities along with extremely low blanketing level and very low noise levels. BALZERS WKP1000AS features a series of 4 mechanical seals, made of high-quality carbon graphite, mounted around the rotor. This rotary vane pump has a suction capacity of 1000 liters per hour, corresponding to a pumping speed of around 5.8 m3/h at a pressure of 0.1mbar. The high-precision impeller, which has an effective diameter of 90 mm, enables this pump to reach an ultimate pressure of around 1×10-10 mbar. The pump also features stainless steel casing and covers, along with V9 centrifugal compression for more consistent pumping action and decreased power consumption. The vane is designed to be very durable, and can maintain torque at pump speeds up to 2000rpm. The four mechanical seals are made from PTFE bearings and integrated sweeping rings for improved performance and longevity. The rotary vane has a BALZERS-Brosse design that is built to reduce wear and vibration. The rotor also features a patented oil-jet lubrication system, which helps to maintain the smooth running of the unit for up to 10 years without any maintenance. PFEIFFER WKP1000AS is an efficient and reliable pump, that will greatly contribute to low maintenance cost, while emitting almost no vibration. PFEIFFER pump offers climate-controlled operation for a wide range of temperatures, and is suitable for high-pressure and low-maintenance applications. In all, WKP1000AS is an ideal choice for applications requiring high performance UHV pump solutions.
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