Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS WSU 501 #9076620 for sale

WSU 501
ID: 9076620
Booster pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS WSU 501 is a high efficiency rotary vane vacuum pump, designed for medium to high vacuum operation in a variety of industrial applications. Ideally suited for leak detection applications and also process gas evacuation, BALZERS WSU 501 is a robust and reliable mechanical pump with a powerful sealed motor and advanced technology to ensure top performance. The pump is equipped with a permanent magnetic drive to significantly reduce operating costs and guarantee uninterrupted vacuum operation. Its unique three-stage lubrication-free design makes it capable of efficiently handling a variety of media up to 600 mbar. This makes it ideal for applications where consistent performance is required such as tube-on-glass patrern designs for flat panel display production and production processes that include utilizing etching, cleanroom vacuuming, and gas evacuation. PFEIFFER WSU 501 also features a high level of flexible operation and control options to easily meet various application needs. It has an adjustable runaway-speed control that can be set to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the pump and provides maximum uptime and reliability. It is also equipped with a range of protection and safety features, including overload protection, thermal protection, and a break-in function to reduce wear-in time and prevent premature failure. The pump is certified with the highest standards of safety and performance and is designed to meet all the requirements of ISO 9001. For efficient performance, WSU 501 also includes a reliable air/gas/oil separator system to keep performance and reliability unchanged, even at high levels of operation. The high efficiency of PFEIFFER / BALZERS WSU 501 ensures it produces low noise levels even at higher vacuum duties, making it suitable for use in sensitive operating environments. In addition, its compact design, versatile porting options, and low weight make BALZERS WSU 501 a great choice for various applications. Its simple construction and easy maintenance make it easy to install and operate and its durable components make it a great long-term investment for demanding industrial applications.
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