Used PFEIFFER / BALZERS XtraDry 150-2 #134874 for sale

ID: 134874
Piston gas vacuum pump.
PFEIFFER / BALZERS XtraDry 150-2 is a two-stage, two-head rotary vane vacuum pump designed to handle the full pumping range of process gases and vapors. It is engineered with a powerful motor and an integrated oil separator to ensure a reliable and efficient process. The 150-2 is made of durable cast iron and features BALZERS patented XtraDry technology to provide a long-term, low-maintenance solution for vacuum applications. The design of BALZERS XtraDry 150-2 begins with a high-efficiency motor, equipped with a thermal protector, designed to produce powerful suction. This is essential for maintaining the vacuum level in your process. The motor is enclosed by an integral coolant tank ensuring proper heat dissipation in high duty applications. To further improve the efficiency, the 150-2 includes a two-stage, two-head rotary vane that allows for higher pumping speeds. This lowers your process' energy consumption and minimizes your application's cost. The XtraDry technology is what sets PFEIFFER XtraDry 150-2 apart from other pumps. This system is designed to minimize the need for maintenance by preventing oil from entering the breathable area. To do this (it) utilizes a powerful rotorstator separator and highly efficient centrifugal technology. This ensures the pump can efficiently handle a wide variety of process gases and vapors without requiring extensive replacement of oil and filters. XtraDry 150-2 is designed for durability, with its cast iron body and motor housing. This makes the 150-2 an especially ideal choice for harsh process conditions. To ensure the pump is easy to use, (it) features a pre-drilled flange, making mounting and integration into your process fast and simple. To increase safety and minimize the risk of contamination, PFEIFFER / BALZERS XtraDry 150-2 is also equipped with a non-return valve. BALZERS XtraDry 150-2 is a powerful, reliable two-stage, two-head rotary vane vacuum pump. Its integrated XtraDry technology allows for minimal oil entry and long-term use without needing extensive filter replacements. This pump is equipped with a powerful motor, a coolant tank for efficient heat dissipation, and a pre-drilled flange for easy mounting. This is all encased in a robust cast iron body and motor housing, designed to handle the toughest process environments.
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