Used PLASMA SCIENCES D2 #9063143 for sale

ID: 9063143
PLASMA SCIENCES D2 is a high-end turbo molecular pump that is designed to create a vacuum for a variety of applications in scientific research. The pump utilizes a powerful rotating turbine impeller to draw gas molecules away from the area to be evacuated at an impressive rate of nearly 30000 liters per second, creating a vacuum with a base pressure of 5x10-2Torr. This performance is made possible by a combination of features. The pump has a highly efficient motor that resists high temperatures for longer life, and a capital of Mg alloy construction for excellent corrosion resistance. The metal housing also acts as an EMI shield to prevent any electric and electromagnetic interference from affecting the operation. Additionally, the pump is equipped with advanced thermal protection with bi-metal sensors to prevent excessive thermal loading. At the core of the pump is an inverted magnetically suspended bearing rotor impeller. The rotor has an impressive 6-pole design, which creates a very smooth motion that is essential for efficient evacuation of gas molecules. Furthermore, the rare earth magnet allows for a nearly frictionless levitation of the impeller, and this reduces any noise disturbance generated by the pump. D2 can be operated in any installation orientation because of its high-grade internal mica insulation. This allows scientists to conduct complex experiments without worrying about possible issues caused by different installation positions. Additionally, the pump is well-sealed and maintenance friendly, making it convenient to use - no need to replace o-rings or other parts. Overall, PLASMA SCIENCES D2 is an advanced turbo molecular pump that offers excellent performance and reliability for those who require vacuum applications in their scientific experiments. Its high-grade components and impressive design make it ideal for use in demanding environments. This pump offers a cost effective solution for scientists and researchers looking for a top-of-the-line pump.
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