Used RIETSCHLE TLV3 (01) #9096891 for sale

TLV3 (01)
ID: 9096891
Rotary pump Displacement: 3.8 CMH Vacuum: 150 m/bar Inlet connection: BSP Thread Outlet connection: BSP Thread Motor power: 240V , Single Phase.
RIETSCHLE TLV3 (01) is a robust and reliable pump designed for industrial, commercial, and residential applications for the transfer of contaminated and non-contaminated liquids. The TLV3 offers reliable and efficient pumping performance for a variety of applications such as chemical and petrochemical process, food processing, wastewater treatment, and many other industries. The TLV3 (01) features a unique patented spring-loaded self-priming centrifugal pump design. The spring-loaded self-priming feature is designed to ensure reliable operation even under the toughest conditions. The robust and wear-resistant cast iron construction of the pump maintains its performance and efficiency even with the usage of contaminated liquids. The antifriction bearings and mechanical seals of the pumps add to its reliable operation for extended periods of time. The TLV3 operates using a standard three-phase electric motor or an optional single-phase version for maximum convenience and coverage in all possible applications. The electric power is converted in a direct-drive system to high-speed shaft rotation without the need for any additional mechanical parts. The pump can reach flow rates up to 262 gallons per minute (GPM), and with its completely adjustable-variable frequency drive (VFD) the flow and pressure can be easily adjusted to meet customer requirements. The TLV3 (01) features an advanced air-cooled seal system, allowing liquid to circulate in the cooling cavity. This eliminates the need for additional cooling towers and contributes to the long-term operation of the pump even in the presence of vapors or light particles. The TLV3 also includes a thermal control system to prevent liquid temperature from reaching over-heating, and automated mechanical seals to provide secure and efficient operation. The advanced design and versatile features of the RLIESCHLE TLV3 (01) make it an ideal for a variety of applications. The robust construction ensures reliable and efficient operation for extended periods of time, the adjustable-frequency drive provides ultimate flexibility, and the air-cooled seal and automated mechanics provide great security for every application.
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