Used RIETSCHLE TTR25DV #9096894 for sale

ID: 9096894
Rotary pump Displacement: 25 CMH Vacuum: 600 mbar Inlet connection: BSP Thread Outlet connection: BSP Thread Motor power: 415 V , 3 phase.
RIETSCHLE TTR25DV is a rotary vane pump that is designed for a wide variety of liquid and gas applications. This high-performance pump is specifically designed for continuous or intermittent duty, and is capable of handling a range of inlet and discharge pressures from atmospheric to full vacuum. TTR25DV features a lightweight design and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The pump's driving force is produced by a special motor and gearbox combination that allows for a fast start-up and a high efficiency rating of 95%. The body is made of heat-treated steel and aluminum, ensuring durability and long life. The drive shaft is also constructed of heat-treated stainless steel, providing a high level of strength and corrosion resistance. The pump includes two vane slides and two stationary slotted elements. The vane slides move with the shaft and the stationary slotted elements prevent foreign materials from entering the pumping chamber. Moreover, The drive unit of the pump includes both centrifugal and axial force, which helps in creating a low-noise environment. The vanes are manufactured with precision to ensure that they move smoothly and provide efficient performance. This precision also ensures that they wear evenly and do not cause cavitation when the pump is operating. The pump also uses a special dynamic seal system, which helps to protect the vane slides from abrasion and rust. Additionally, RIETSCHLE TTR25DV provides a reliable seal from the inlet to the discharge, which helps to keep the pump media uncontaminated and free from particles. The pump has a low-maintenance design and is easy to repair and maintain. It is also designed to prevent leakage or back-flow, which makes it suitable for a variety of applications. All in all, TTR25DV is an ideal choice for a wide variety of demanding liquid and gas applications. It is designed to be reliable, efficient and easy to maintain. Additionally, its low-noise operation and dynamic seal system make it an attractive choice for any application.
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