Used RIETSCHLE VC 150 #148096 for sale

VC 150
ID: 148096
Vacuum pump BALDOR 36J235W415G1 5 HP motor 0.05 Mbar (abs) 3.0 / 3.8KW Disconnect included 208V / 15A, 230V / 13.2A, 460V / 6.6A.
RIETSCHLE VC 150 is a compact, reliable and efficient industrial liquid pump that features innovative design features to ensure durability and performance. This pump is suitable for pumping high viscosity media such as oils, resins and lubricants, as well as volatile and hazardous liquids. Its motor is protected from overloads and short-circuits, making it a safe and reliable choice for many industrial applications. At its core, VC 150 is based on a vane air motor, designed specifically for continuous operation in harsh conditions. This motor is powered by an electric current, generated by a three-phase induction motor. It is designed to deliver a maximum pressure of 150psi and a maximum speed of 16,000rpm, providing high performance and reliable operation even in extremities of temperature, humidity, and vibration. RIETSCHLE VC 150 features a number of innovative features to ensure long-term operational reliability. One such feature is its 'auto-suction' capability, which prevents air entering the pumping system and causing blockages or cavitations. This means that users can reliably pump viscous media with no need to manually bleed air from the system. Additionally, the pump's flow control system enables users to precisely regulate its flow rate, enabling an even and continuous output. VC 150 is durable and able to withstand most industrial conditions, with a customised seal kit enabling a full range of materials to be safely pumped. It is designed for easy maintenance, with its modular construction allowing for easy access for repair work. It is also designed for ease-of-installation, with a wide range of inlet connections available allowing for flexible use across a range of industries. Overall, RIETSCHLE VC 150 is an innovative and efficient industrial pump, designed to meet the needs of harsh industrial environments. With its reliable motor, robust construction and built-in end-suction capabilities, it is well-suited for pumping high-viscosity liquids and hazardous materials. Its precision flow control and ease-of-maintenance make it an ideal choice for many industrial applications.
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