Used RIETSCHLE VLT 40 #157803 for sale

VLT 40
ID: 157803
Vacuum pumps.
RIETSCHLE VLT 40 is a rotary vane pump designed specifically for continuous duty operation. This reliable low-maintenance pump features a robust and modular design, capable of delivering high volume flows of approximately 100 m³/hr, with pressure outputs up to 20 bar. The main components of this pump are the pumped fluid chamber and its own drive unit, which are designed as an integrated unit. The chamber has an adjustable suction and delivery port, which allows the pump to be used with an adjustable capacity. The chamber is made of hard-wearing steel and is fitted with double-sided seals, ensuring optimal operation and ensuring maximum pump efficiency. The chamber is equipped with reference marks for easy assembly and a built-in outlet for draining. The drive unit of this pump consists of a direct drive motor, a shaft extension and a pair of roller vane blades. The motor is coupled to the roller vane blades through a keyway connection, allowing the motor to spin the blades at a specified speed. The vanes are made from a highly durable material, allowing them to breathe and move freely, allowing the pump to achieve its optimal performance. VLT 40 has a robust yet compact design and is built to last. The unified casing design allows it to fit into confined spaces and offers protection against dust particles. It is suitable for many different industries and can be used in applications such as cooling, pumping and compression systems. In addition, the pump is compatible with a wide range of systems, providing easy installation and reliable operation. RIETSCHLE VLT 40 is a reliable and robust pump, featuring a modular design, capable of delivering a high volume flow with a pressure output up to 20 bar. It is equipped with a direct drive motor, a pair of roller vane blades, adjustable suction and delivery ports and a unified casing design, making it suitable for many different industries and applications. It offers easy installation, reliable operation and lasting performance.
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