Used RIETSCHLE VTA100 #9096909 for sale

ID: 9096909
Rotary pump Displacement: 98 CMH Vacuum: 100m/bar Inlet connection: 1 ¼” Outlet connection: N/A Motor power: 3Kw Type of oil: N/A Dry Running.
RIETSCHLE VTA100 is a range of rotary vane vacuum pumps designed for the efficient removal of air and gases from a variety of industrial processes. VTA100 is engineered to offer superior performance and reliability, producing high air-throughput rates at low noise levels. RIETSCHLE VTA100 utilises oil-lubricated, single-stage vane geometry that provides consistently higher performance over traditional technologies. With cooling fins optimised for air circulation, VTA100 helps maintain reduced operating temperatures during prolonged use. Additionally, RIETSCHLE VTA100 provides the necessary stability to handle pulsatile workloads while minimising losses due to possible mechanical destruction. VTA100 is capable of producing vacuum level of up to -85kPa, and its ability to pump dry vapor makes it an ideal solution for lab process applications. Its components are specially designed for maintenance-free operation which enables it to be used with confidence in numerous industrial production environments. RIETSCHLE VTA100 range of pumps also features sophisticated airflow control functionality which ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency. VTA100 range has been designed with a number of safety and control options, including pressure and temperature sensors, an automatic shut-off feature, and an oil level detector. These features help to ensure safe and consistent operation, while its IEC/EN 61010-1 certification makes it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. RIETSCHLE VTA100 range is also remarkably easy to install and maintain. Simple and intuitive installation kits are available, and the use of a reinforced hose connection with an integrated ball-valve allows quick and easy maintenance. Furthermore, the use of standard components and intuitive operating systems make VTA100 incredibly easy and cost-effective to maintain in the long-term. RIETSCHLE VTA100 range offers efficient, high-performance solutions across a wide range of industrial applications. It boasts robust construction and cutting-edge technology that provide unmatched performance, durability and control. With its advanced air throughput, low noise levels, and a variety of safety features, VTA100 is an ideal choice for a variety of industrial processes.
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