Used RIETSCHLE VTB 250 #9057353 for sale

VTB 250
ID: 9057353
Macro vacuum pump.
RIETSCHLE VTB 250 is a high-volume rotary vane vacuum pump capable of delivering extremely high speeds and pressures. It has a highly efficient design that allows for consistent performance and reliability. The pump easily fits into a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of industries such as food and beverage production, pharmaceutical production and the automotive sector. VTB 250 is a direct drive pump with a permanent magnet motor, delivering up to 250 cubic metres of air per hour (m3/hr) at a maximum vacuum of 600 mbar. The pump boasts a robust aluminium construction and features a simple one-piece construction with no need for additional parts or accessories. This makes it quick and easy to install, with no complex assembly or maintenance required. RIETSCHLE VTB 250 is capable of easy rotational speed adjustment and adjustable vacuum values to ensure the desired operation. It also features a low noise level of only 70-72 db, making it suitable for use in noisy environments. This reduces wear and tear on the motor, giving it a longer life span and more consistent performance over time. VTB 250 has a maximum liquid capacity of 10 litres per second, so it can easily be used to transfer liquids. It is also designed to handle a wide range of gases, with a maximum overpressure of 500 mbar, allowing it to work with numerous gases. RIETSCHLE VTB 250 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including food and beverage production, medical and pharmaceutical production, chemical research, laboratory work and automotive production. Its robust construction, adjustable vacuum values, and wide range of accommodated gases make VTB 250 a dependable and reliable solution for many applications. The simple one-piece design and low noise output make it highly versatile and able to deliver efficient and consistent performance in even the busiest of operations.
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