Used RIETSCHLE VTE6 #9096892 for sale

ID: 9096892
Rotary pump Displacement: 6 CMH Vacuum: 150 m/bar Inlet connection: 12mm Hose tail Outlet connection: N/A Motor power: 0.25kW, 240 V, Single Phase.
RIETSCHLE VTE6 is a vacuum pump designed to move air, water, vapours and gases. It is an ideal solution for application in demanding industrial and process environments. VTE6 is a robust and reliable centrifugal compressing vacuum pump featuring a robust finned-heat exchanger, cast-iron block and efficient proven single-stage design. This vacuum pump offers a wide range of features such as self-priming capabilities, energy-efficient motor, low-noise operation and a manually adjustable speed control - ensuring reliable, consistent results. RIETSCHLE VTE6 is constructed of high quality components to withstand harsh industrial environments and offers an extended service life due to its minimal maintenance requirements. Its unique belt drive system enables for smooth operation and low noise levels, while superior engineering ensures efficient and precise performance. VTE6 is able to reach vacuum pressure of up to 0.85 bar, ultimate vacuum of up to 0.06 bar and maximum flow rate of up to 900 m³/h, making it well suited for a wide variety of applications. It is also equipped with a gas ballast valve and inlet filter for enhanced protection. RIETSCHLE VTE6 includes functionality for efficient operation which runs in accordance with application requirements to understand the current operating conditions and adjust settings automatically to achieve optimal performance and efficiency. The pump features a flexible connection set-up, allowing for both horizontal and vertical installation, as well as connection to any 3-phase electrical supply. In conclusion, VTE6 is an ideal choice for high performance pumping applications such as vacuum treatment, drying, mixing and sealing, and more. Its robust design and extended service life is ideal for reliable and long lasting performance in heavily industrial and process-oriented environments.
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