Used SEIKO SEIKI SCU-H2000C #9081169 for sale

ID: 9081169
Vintage: 1997
Turbo molecular pump controllers 1997 vintage.
SEIKO SEIKI SCU-H2000C is a professional-grade heavy-duty pump engineered to provide reliable operation and high-performance efficiency. The pump is a centrifugal model, featuring a radial impeller and a fixed speed motor. The former facilitates the central delivery of liquid or gas with the highest possible pressure, while the latter provides optimal power and operational control. Thanks to its outstanding flow rate and applied pressure, SCU-H2000C is suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial processes and mineral oil to coolant, lubrication, and more. In order to ensure maximum operational reliability and safety, SEIKO SEIKI SCU-H2000C incorporates several features, including a robust body made of corrosion-resistant material and a large port for optimal flow. Additionally, the pump is equipped with a vibration reduction equipment and "smart" control technology that automatically adjusts the speed and pressure to prevent cavitation and pump surges. SCU-H2000C utilizes a unique bearing design incorporating bearings at and around the drive shaft. This design creates a wedge-shaped effect that makes the pump reliable and stable but also easy to maintain and access. The motor housing is further fitted with a dust-resistant filter guard that protects the pump against dust particles or other foreign bodies that may threaten its performance. SEIKO SEIKI SCU-H2000C offers a wide range of installation options which can be tailored to each system and application. The pump requires an external power source, and can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the available space and requirements of each unit. In conclusion, SCU-H2000C is an efficient, robust, and reliable pump that provides superior performance in any industrial, mineral oil, or cooling application. Its unique bearing machine ensures excellent stability and maintenance accessibility, while its advanced control technology intelligently adjusts flow rate and pressure for optimal operation. The wide range of installation options makes it an ideal choice for custom systems as well.
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