Used SEIKO SEIKI STP-1003C #123332 for sale

ID: 123332
Turbo pump ISO200F Inlet KF40 Exhaust.
SEIKO SEIKI STP-1003C is a high-performance pump designed to provide reliable and optimal service in a variety of rough and demanding industrial applications. It features a robust yet lightweight construction and is capable of pumping liquids and other media at up to 15 liters per minute. The main body of STP-1003C is made of high-grade stainless steel for enhanced corrosion and wear resistance, allowing it to withstand even the toughest of industrial environments. Its design also ensures a reliable seal so that no liquids can escape the pump during operation, while its sturdy construction can withstand pressures up to 0.4MPa (or 4 bar). The pump is also powered by a robust motor that provides a maximum speed of 2,800 RPM. This, together with the pump housing's design, provides efficient and quiet operation. The motor also has integrated overload protection, which reduces the risk of any motor damage in the event of an overpressure or overcurrent situation. In addition to its construction, the pump also features a number of convenience features. For instance, the pump features a digital LED display that can display operational data such as the current speed, pressure, or temperature of the medium being pumped. It also includes a self-regulating control system that ensures that the pump's speed is accurately adjusted to maintain an optimal flow rate and pressure for the application. Overall, SEIKO SEIKI STP-1003C is a highly reliable and efficient pump suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Its robust construction and thoughtful design features make it one of the most dependable pumps on the market today, providing users with an optimal combination of performance and convenience.
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