Used SEIKO SEIKI STP-300H #144636 for sale

ID: 144636
Turbo pumps Currently in original packaging.
SEIKO SEIKI STP-300H is a single stage, oil-lubricated, hermetically sealed, positive displacement, rotary piston pump. The pump has a nominal operating temperature range of 20 to 70 degrees Celsius, and utilizes a high-flow, free-flowing, dynamic venturi control system. Its components are of high-quality, high-pressure-resistant materials, ensuring a long service life and reliable performance. STP-300H features a bearingless and low-vibration design, helping to reduce friction, protect the lubricating oil, and to ensure a long operating life. This pump offers a capacity of up to 34 liters per minute and can be operated at up to 7 bar. The pump head can be rotated up to 96 degrees to ensure optimum flow, and a pressure switch is included to protect against pressure overloads. SEIKO SEIKI STP-300H is equipped with a digital display and control panel, allowing for easy operation and control of various parameters such as flow, pressure, and temperature. It is also suitable for both continuous duty and pulsation-free operation. The pump is equipped with various safety features such as reverse flow protection and alarms for overpressure and overcurrent conditions. STP-300H can be easily installed, requires low maintenance, and comes with a choice of several power supply options. It is also highly reliable and efficient, making it ideal for use in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing processes. In addition, the pump has a design that complies with international standards such as CE, RoHS, and EMC, offering safe and reliable operation. Overall, SEIKO SEIKI STP-300H is an economically attractive pump for pharmaceutical and chemical processes. It offers a long service life, is easy to install and operate, and provides excellent performance. The pump is highly reliable and efficient, making it suitable for medium and large-scale applications.
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