Used SEIKO SEIKI STP-A1303C #9054539 for sale

ID: 9054539
Turbomolecular pump P/N: B71802010 Corrosion: Coating 20 micron Inlet flange: ISO-200F Outlet flange: KF40 Purge port: KF10 (4) Support legs Water cooling fitting: Horizontal 1/4 hose Surface I/F setting: I/O Remote P027 L1 Sprinter shield CE Marked.
SEIKO SEIKI STP-A1303C is a top-of-the-line pump designed for industrial applications requiring reliable and efficient flushing and supply of liquids and chemicals. Its smooth and translucent stainless steel body ensures it has a long-term aesthetic value, and its PTFE coating makes it resistant to most chemicals. SEIKO SEIKI STPA-1303C features a highly efficient permanent magnet motor, designed to provide optimum power for pumping fluid. It is flexible and capable of handling pressures up to 125 psi, and can even operate in temperatures of up to -7°F. This ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes it ideal for a variety of industrial applications, including sterilization and clean-up. This motorized pump operates without lubrication, making it maintenance-free. STP-A1303C has an adjustable speed that can be adjusted up to 11500RPM, and it is equipped with an integrated temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the liquids it transports. It also comes with a built-in pressure switch to ensure optimal power output. STPA-1303C is also designed to be highly reliable. Its seamless stainless steel body makes it resistant to wear and tear, and it features a heavy-duty mechanical seal to prevent any leaks. The built-in safety valve prevents an overpressured pump and the integrated safety features help to prevent issues with liquids. Its sturdy construction and powerful performance make SEIKO SEIKI STP-A1303C a great choice for industrial applications. Its ability to handle all kinds of liquids combined with its dependable performance provide industrial businesses with a reliable and efficient pumping solution.
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