Used SEIKO SEIKI STP-A2203PV #123318 for sale

ID: 123318
Turbo pumps.
SEIKO SEIKI STP-A2203PV is a high-pressure, rotary compressor pump designed to offer superior performance and reliability in a range of applications. This pump features a three-horsepower, 220-volt motor that is designed for long-term dependability and efficient operation. STP-A2203PV features an oil-filled chamber, which reduces wear on the components, increasing its lifetime. The chamber is also adjustable, allowing for smoother performance and higher compression. It employs multiple stages of compression up to maximum pressures of 3300psi (230Bar). This pump also has a single-phase switching frequency of 60 Hz, allowing for quicker start-up. SEIKO SEIKI STP-A2203PV features an intelligent drive equipment that reduces power consumption and eliminates the noise caused by traditional pumps. This silent features allows the pump to be used in tight spaces, such as laboratories or medical facilities. STP-A2203PV also has pressure sensors that will detect any excessive pressure values, ensuring the safe operation of the device. In addition, the pump has a digital display that provides a visual representation of system pressure. As a safety measure, it will shut down automatically if the pressure reaches its maximum limit. SEIKO SEIKI STP-A2203PV also features a thermal protection unit. This ensures that the motor will not overheat in case of motor malfunction. Additionally, STP-A2203PV has two valves for inlet and outlet connections. These valves are designed to prevent backflow, enabling the simple installation of the pump into a piping network. SEIKO SEIKI STP-A2203PV is also designed to provide long-term performance and durability, with zinc-plated surfaces on both the steel impeller and the valve stem. This ensures that the pump will remain rust-free and have a longer service life. Overall, STP-A2203PV is a reliable and efficient pump designed to meet a variety of needs. By utilizing an array of features such as a silent operation machine, thermal protection, and multiple stages of compression, SEIKO SEIKI STP-A2203PV is an ideal choice for professionals in many industries.
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