Used SEIKO SEIKI STP-H1000 #149545 for sale

ID: 149545
Turbo pump.
SEIKO SEIKI STP-H1000 pump is designed for reliable, efficient and safe transfer of various liquids. It provides the necessary performance to handle household, industrial and commercial applications. The pump is constructed with a robust stainless steel impeller and has a maximum head of 10 metres and a maximum flowrate of 5 m3/hr. It is powered by a reliable energy efficient three-phase electric motor with a high starting torque, making it suitable for frequent starting and stopping applications. STP-H1000 comes with a built-in NEMA 4 (waterproof) enclosure and has a corrosion-proof design with an oil-repelling coating for increased durability in harsh conditions. It utilizes a single centrally mounted mechanical seal made with SiC (silicon carbide) ceramic to ensure effective protection from fluid leakage. The motor is pre-wired and includes a junction box that allows for wiring to be easily completed. The pump is stated to have a service life of approximately 30,000 hours with very low vibration and low noise levels. SEIKO SEIKI STP-H1000 is easy to install and service due to a single-piece construction with externally connected power supply and a removable motor mount. It has both suction and discharge ports available, allowing for easy connection of pipes. Its self-priming ability simplifies the setup process and makes it an ideal solution to pump fluids that require low-lag time. Additional features include a self-venting semi-dry suction with a large air chamber for improved air release performances. Overall, STP-H1000 pump is a reliable option for the transfer of fluids in a variety of applications, including those with high pressures, high fluid levels and high duty cycles. Its long service life, low vibration and noise emissions, and corrosion-proof design make it suitable for use in industrial, commercial and domestic applications.
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