Used SEIKO SEIKI STP-H1303CV3 #123335 for sale

ID: 123335
Turbo pump.
SEIKO SEIKI STP-H1303CV3 is a high-performance, Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) dry pump. This dry pump is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of high vacuum applications such as semiconductor processing, labs, and medical devices that require a highly dependable vacuum source. STP-H1303CV3 delivers low vibration levels, high throughput, and superior compression ratios for extended pump life. SEIKO SEIKI STP-H1303CV3 features a two-stage design that uses two rotors to ensure a more efficient compression ratio and to minimize energy loss. The first stage rotor is made of ceramic-coated aluminum for high reliability while the second stage rotor is made of stainless steel for optimal compression performance. The highly efficient two-stage design can achieve a down to 0.4 Pa ultimate pressure performance and provides a maximum flow rate of 3.86 m3/h. STP-H1303CV3 is outfitted with an advanced, direct-drive motor that uses pulses to optimize energy conservation as well as providing increased synchronization. The use of this direct-drive motor eliminates the need for external gear boxes and offers a very low noise level. An integrated oil-free design eliminates the need for oil change or maintenance, leading to significant cost and time savings, and increased energy efficiency. SEIKO SEIKI STP-H1303CV3 comes with an on-board touch panel controller, providing easy and quick access to the pumps key features and allowing full control over its low temperature operation and maintenance along with information regarding the pump's status. This touch panel controller also offers a range of safety features that further its dependability. STP-H1303CV3 comes with all the necessary components to ensure setup is quick and easy. This includes the pump body, all mounting hardware, manual, and accessories such as a mounting shelf, cooling fan, check valve, and joints. SEIKO SEIKI STP-H1303CV3 is a reliable, high-performance dry pump that will provide years of dependable service. Its two-stage, ceramic-coated aluminum rotor combined with the direct-drive motor provides excellent vacuum performance and minimal energy loss, while its on-board touch panel controller makes maintenance and operation simple and hassle-free. This pump is sure to be a great addition to any Ultra-High Vacuum application.
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