Used SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2000C #123339 for sale

ID: 123339
Turbo pump.
SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2000C is a highly efficient, dynamic and reliable pump designed for industrial and medical use in various applications. It is a pressure-stable, direct-drive, three-stage centrifugal pump. Its features include a high-efficiency hydraulic design, coupled with its quality construction and low noise levels. This model can handle liquid types ranging from acids, alkalis and lubricating fluids to viscous and non-viscous fluids in temperatures from -20°C to 100°C. SEIKO SEIKI STP H2000C is capable of producing maximum speeds up to 4,500rpm at rated pressure with a maximum operating pressure of 0.7MPa. The motor used to power SEIKI STPH-2000C is of the brushless DC type and offers superior insulation against environmental and electrical disruptions. It also features a power factor improving capacitor and cooling fan that improves the overall efficiency of the pump. Overall, the motor has a power range of 0.4kW up to 1.5kW, and it is able to operate at maximum speed without power loss. The entire construction of the pump is from resin and stainless steel, offering corrosion resistance and long life. SEIKO SEIKI SEIKI STPH-2000C is features a unique, three-stage impeller design, it adapted for time saving disassembly and easier maintenance. The usable parts of the pump are all color-coded for quick recognition for maintenance and emergency operations. Additionally, the pump has a built-in protection mechanism, where it will automatically shut down in the case of an abnormal temperature rise or too high of a current. Lastly, the pump features a mechanical seal design to ensure a secure seal between the pump and the liquid it is handling. In conclusion, SEIKO SEIKI provides STP H2000C pump that is reliable, efficient, and of high quality construction. It is designed for various industrial and medical applications and is able to handle contaminated and corrosive liquids with its corrosion resistance components. With its easy maintenance, built-in protection, and long life components, STP-H2000C is a great choice for any application.
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