Used SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2001K2 #123341 for sale

ID: 123341
Turbo pump.
SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2001K2 Pump is a reliable, accurate, and powerful pumping system capable of producing flow rates up to 22 liters per minute and pressures of 22 bar. This versatile pump is composed of stainless steel and resin construction, designed to eliminate corrosion and ensure a long service life. The pump utilizes an innovative rotating motor-driven diaphragm design, which allows for a more energy-efficient operation. This diaphragm design works in tandem with a built-in pressure control valve to guarantee smooth flow with minimal energy consumption. The rotation of the diaphragm is driven by a powerful motor, which is operated efficiently by an integrated inverter. The inverter also enables users to adjust the motor speed to their desired level. STP-H2001K2 Pump has a large LCD display that allows easy and accurate monitoring of both pump and liquid pressure. Additionally, the intuitive user interface allows users to configure operating parameters and monitor conditions quickly and easily. The high-resolution LCD screen also allows for precise setting of the pump's stroke length, ensuring accurate and reproducible flow rates. The pump is also equipped with a wide variety of safety features such as pressure limit switches and overload protection systems to ensure secure operation and maximum longevity. Additionally, the pump is also able to provide users with real-time data on pump status, diagnostics, and operating conditions. Overall, SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2001K2 Pump is an ideal choice for users requiring reliable pumping performance at a cost-effective price point. With an energy efficient motor, diaphragm design, pressure control valve, intuitive user interface, and numerous safety features, users can rest assured knowing that their pumping needs are met with reliable, accurate results.
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