Used SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2203C #163970 for sale

ID: 163970
Turbo pump Inlet flange: ISO250F Outlet port: KF40 Purge port: KF10 Water cooling fitting: PT1/4 Pumping speed: N2: 2200 l/s^-1 H2: 1700 l/s^-1 Compression ratio: N2: <10^8 H2: <2.5 x 10^4 Ultimate pressure: 10^-6 Pa (10^-8 Torr) Maximum allowable backing pressure: 400 Pa (3 Torr) Maximum nitrogen throughput: 1500 sccm Rated speed: 27,000 rpm Starting time: 7 minutes Mounting position: any Water cooling: Flow: 2 l/min^-1 Temperature: 5 - 25°C Pressure: 2.9 x 10^5 Pa (3 kgf cm^-1) Recommended purge gas flow: 20 sccm Input voltage: 200 to 240V AC (+/- 10) Power consumption: 1.5 kVA.
SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2203C is a high performance, industrial grade pump that is made for heavy-duty applications. It features a robust design and construction, making it extremely reliable in harsh and abrasive conditions. The impeller and casing are both made from durable and corrosion-resistant cast iron, and its motor is enclosed in a NEMA Type 4x-rated enclosure that can handle spraying and wet equipment. This pump is capable of pumping up to 78 gallons of water per minute and up to 16 kg/cm2 of pressure, operating at temperatures between 10 and +120C. Additionally, STP-H2203C has dynamic balancing, anti-vibration construction, and a mechanical seal to prevent any leakage. SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2203C also feature an oil-lubrication system with anpressure relief valve to help prevent any risks of over pressure. It is equipped with a selection of standard accessories such as discharge and suction connections, flexible joints and anti-vibration mounts, allowing for optimal installation and operation. It comes with either a single phase or three phase motor, depending on the power requirements of the user's application. STP-H2203C boasts low noise levels with no particulate emission, making it an optimal choice for environmentally conscious businesses. It is also UL, CE and RoHS approved, providing the pump with all the important safety features for use in the most demanding of environments. It also offers an automated self-cleaning system to ensure process fluids remain high quality and free from contamination. To ensure that the pump runs optimally and offers long-term performance, SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2203C are backed by a comprehensive two-year warranty. Industry-leading sales and service inquiry from the company ensures that customers have access to the highest quality parts and expert service when they need it.
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