Used SHIMADZU FT-2200 #179769 for sale

ID: 179769
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU FT-2200 is a state of the art cryogenic turbo molecular pump designed to aid in industrial vacuum processes. FT-2200 pump offers high pumping speeds, reliable performance and extreme operational safety. The pump employs an advanced, forced-feed oil system to help ensure maximum lubrication of the motor and is designed to minimize stress on internal parts, allowing for improved longevity and performance. The self-contained bearing system utilizes dual air/oil bearings for superior durability, enabling the pump to operate continuously at elevated temperatures and speeds. Additionally, SHIMADZU FT-2200 features a dynamically stable high speed design, allowing for increased speeds of more than 24,000rpm, depending on the model. FT-2200 features a unique design, with a cold head and a variable frequency drive that cooperate to provide superior mechanical compression and increases pumping efficiency. The pump offers a variety of pumping speeds, from 1000-20000 liters per second, dependent on the configuration of the pump and its operating conditions. Additionally, all SHIMADZU FT-2200 pumps have a deep-throat design to provide superior evacuation and exhaust performance. The vacuum created by the pump can reach as low as 1 x 10-5 Torr a, ensuring reliable operation in demanding conditions. Finally, FT-2200 is equipped with an auto-maintenance mechanism that automatically detects and prevents any problems with the turbo pump, further ensuring operational safety. Additionally, all SHIMADZU FT-2200 pumps are compatible with a range of peripheral equipment, including LYF type flanges and various other vacuum accessories. This makes FT-2200 ideal for a variety of industrial processing and handling applications.
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