Used SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP #9057559 for sale

ID: 9057559
Pumps CAT# 228-39000-92.
SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is a high-pressure liquid chromatography pump designed for demanding laboratory analysis. It is capable of producing repeatable chromatographic results with precision and accuracy. This pump utilizes a combination of brushless DC motors, ceramic ball bearings, and precision ceramic roller bearings to ensure reliable, low-noise, and vibration-free operation. It is capable of delivering flow rates from 0.01 µL/min to 10 mL/min with high resolution and precision over a wide dynamic range. The pump head has a 'hold-down' feature to prevent liquid delivery errors, and a 'pressure-limiting' feature to protect the system from over-pressurization. The LCD display screen allows for user-friendly operation, and the built-in timer functions allow for more accurate timing control. LC-10AD VP pump is designed to meet the demands of sophisticated preparative chromatography and include: a highly efficient, low maintenance, brushless DC motor, low pulsation with fast response time and high precision, 10-step stoke speed control and a wide range of flow rates (from 0.001 to 10 mL/min). These features make the pump ideal for high-throughput analysis such as high-speed analysis, batch operation, and ultra-precise analysis. The pump also utilizes intelligent power supply technology to ensure automated pressure and flow control, and to guard against supply voltage fluctuations. Additionally, this pump is capable of providing repeatable chromatographic results, thanks to its unique anti-vibration design and performing linear background pressure stop. SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is supplied with eight pistons, two stand-off valves, and a flow cell for connection to a separation system. These components enable the user to fine-tune the separation process for ultimate accuracy. The built-in RS-232C interface allows for external control and data storage, and the pump is also programmable, so users can save different running parameters and method steps. The pump also employs an internal ultrasonic self-cleaning system which helps reduce maintenance time by helping to flush out trace amounts of sample contaminants. LC-10AD VP is a high-end liquid chromatography pump designed for repeated and reliable performance in demanding laboratory settings. Utilizing cutting-edge design and technology, SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP provides precision, accuracy, and reliable performance in a variety of analytical applications.
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