Used SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP #9057910 for sale

ID: 9057910
Pump Flow rate setting range: 1-392 Bar at 0.001-5.00 mL/min; 1-196 Bar at 5.001-9.999 mL/min Flow accuracy: 2% or 2 uL/min Flow rate pressure: Within 0.3%.
SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is a reliable and highly efficient liquid chromatography pump designed for the specialized needs of the analytical laboratory. It is capable of delivering up to 10mL/min of high purity mobile phase, enabling accurate and precise analyses with maximum reproducibility. The pump is equipped with a powerful built-in motor that allows for exceptional response time and pressure stability. The high-track tolerance and response time of the motor ensures minimum delay, reduced reagents consumption and maximized system performance. LC-10AD VP comes with dual self-priming pumps, allowing for dual flow tracks, which can be programmed for independent operation. Its potentiometric adjustment system is specifically designed for accurate and controlled pumping, providing consistent performance for a wide range of analytic needs. The pump also features an advanced flow-sculpting valve that can be configured to match any variant of analytical applications. SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP includes numerous additional features, such as a quick-change interface, making it suitable for quick system changes, as well as advanced flow-control programming capabilities. This pump is able to accommodate a wide range of volatile solvents, without sacrificing resolution or accuracy. It also offers a removable waste line, allowing for easy access of waste fluids. In addition, LC-10AD VP is designed for noise-reduction and is equipped with an onboard filter that can capture aerosols and gases, preventing contamination of samples. The pump is fully configurable for infrared and UV applications, for maximum sensitivity and reproducibility. Overall, SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is a high-performance liquid chromatography pump that is capable of delivering consistent, accurate and reproducible results. It is exceptionally robust and reliable, and offers numerous features that make it suitable for a wide range of analytical needs.
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