Used SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP #9057911 for sale

ID: 9057911
Pump Flow rate setting range: 1-392 Bar at 0.001-5.00 mL/min; 1-196 Bar at 5.001-9.999 mL/min Flow accuracy: 2% or 2 uL/min Flow rate pressure: Within 0.3%.
SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is a high-performance, precision liquid chromatography pump designed for a wide range of instrumental applications. This solvent delivery device is designed for use in a broad range of industrial and laboratory environments, making it a highly versatile and reliable choice for many applications. LC-10AD VP utilizes state-of-the-art drive technology for a robust, easy to use equipment that provides highly-accurate and reliable solvent delivery with reproducible results. It offers a wide range of flow rates from 0.001 to 10 ml/min with resolution up to 0.000001 mL/min and accuracy/precision up to 0.02%. This provides reliable and reproducible results and allows for high-precision quantitative analysis. SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP also features a low pulsation performance, achieving up to 12 times less pulsation than our previous model. This reduces peak broadening and increases the quality of peaks. It also increases the reliability of your chromatogram. The system is also equipped with auto-calibration software which helps optimize retention time values automatically. This ensures optimal unit performance and reproducibility with minimal effort. LC-10AD VP features an easy-to-use interface which allows for convenient and intuitive operation. It also offers multiple flow rate units such as µL/min or mL/min. Furthermore, the LCD display offers clear readability, even in low-light environments, allowing for convenient operation even in the dark. SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP incorporates a number of safety features to ensure the user's safety. These include overpressure protection, flow rate control, and automatic power shut-off. The machine is also CE-compliant and certified for worldwide use. The tool offers three different pump head configurations, allowing users to choose the right one for their application. The standard configuration offers maximum flow rate up to 10 mL/min and pressure up to 50 MPa. The high-pressure configuration offers up to 300 MPa and high-pressure flow rates up to 10 mL/min, while the dual-pump configuration offers simultaneously operating dual pumps for maximum throughput. LC-10AD VP is an excellent choice for a variety of applications such as HPLC, GC, SFC, and more. By providing precise and reliable results, maximum safety, and convenience, SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is the ideal choice for resolving your liquid chromatography needs.
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