Used SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP #9072258 for sale

ID: 9072258
Pump Flow rate setting range: 1-392 Bar at 0.001-5.00 mL/min; 1-196 Bar at 5.001-9.999 mL/min Flow accuracy: 2% or 2 uL/min Flow rate pressure: Within 0.3%.
SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is a robust and reliable liquid chromatography pump that is ideal for use in analytical and research laboratories. It is designed to accurately and precisely control the flow rate of various mobile phase liquids with a high degree of accuracy, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to measure and analyze component concentrations in multiple sample types. LC-10AD VP pump has a wide range of application possibilities. It can be used to inject the samples into different liquid chromatograph systems, as well as pump mobile phases or solvents in or out of various pieces of analytical equipment. The pump is equipped with a Microprocessor Control Panel, which allows for accurate flow rate settings and monitoring. Additionally, the Advanced Measuring System ensures that precise measurements can be obtained for a variety of sample types. In terms of performance, SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP offers superior accuracy with a pumping range of 0 - 1050 ml/min. It is also built to handle a wide range of viscosities with up to 10 adjustable settings for each parameter. The pump is designed with a low internal volume, making it ideal for use in applications where sample size is a concern. Furthermore, its durable construction ensures its long-term reliability. LC-10AD VP is intuitive and user-friendly, with digital display readouts for easy viewability. Moreover, the pump is backed by an extensive warranty and 24-hour customer support. SHIMADZU dedication to customer satisfaction is further demonstrated through its expansive technical library that can provide detailed answers to any questions that may arise. Overall, SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is an accurate and reliable liquid chromatography pump that can provide reliable results in a variety of analysis scenarios. Its wide range of features make it suitable for a variety of applications, and its intuitive design make it easy for users to operate. With its extensive warranty and 24-hour customer service, it is clear that SHIMADZU is dedicated to customer satisfaction and reliable performance with its LC-10AD VP pump.
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