Used SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP #9076614 for sale

ID: 9076614
Pump Flow rate setting range: 1-392 Bar at 0.001 - 5.00 mL/min 1-196 Bar at 5.001 - 9.999 mL/min Flow accuracy: 2% or 2 uL/min Flow rate pressure: Within 0.3%.
SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is an advanced, high-performance pump designed for a variety of analytical applications. Featuring a simple, easy-to-use design, LC-10AD VP provides superior performance in both liquid chromatography and mobile phase pumping applications. SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP incorporates a new, lighter weight design that offers enhanced power yet accommodates exact pressure application with an advanced pressure-regulated (PR) equipment. The PR system incorporates an improved head and drive mechanism which ensures reliable and durable operation of the pump. Furthermore, LC-10AD VP's powerful motor is capable of delivering a maximum flow rate of 1.2 mL/min with a maximum pressure of 150 bar. SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is designed with several advanced features, such as a pressure and flow rate indicator, a digital controller, and a PH-level monitoring unit. The flow rate indicator monitors the flow rate of the solution, while the pressure indicator monitors the pump's pressure output. The digital controller automatically maintains a consistent pressure output, ensuring accurate and reliable results. The pH-monitoring machine keeps track of the pH levels of the solution running through the pump head and automatically adjusts the pressure output when the pH levels deviate from the pre-set values. LC-10AD VP also features an array of safety and anti-vibration design features. The powerful motor generates very little heat, and an integrated safety circuit prevents the motor from overheating. Furthermore, the pump is equipped with a water cooling tool that ensures safe and reliable operation of the unit. Additionally, the pump is designed with built-in anti-vibration mounting feet that minimize noise and vibration, thus ensuring quiet and flawless operation of the device. Overall, SHIMADZU LC-10AD VP is a reliable and durable pump that offers superior performance in liquid chromatography and mobile phase pumping applications. The pump's advanced features and design ensure accurate and precise operation, even in the most demanding conditions. Its lightweight design and powerful motor, combined with its array of safety and anti-vibration features make it an ideal choice for analytical laboratories looking to maximize pump efficiency and reliability.
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