Used SHIMADZU TM-1002 #179765 for sale

ID: 179765
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TM-1002 is an ultra-precise, highly reliable, and robust pressure pump designed for use in a broad range of applications. It is suitable for industrial and laboratory environments, and with its wide range of features, is an excellent choice for bringing accuracy and consistency to demanding application requirements. TM-1002 is equipped with a range of built-in features that make it easy to setup and maintain. An easy-to-read LCD display with digital operation keys allows for intuitive parameter adjustment and monitoring, without the need for complex programming. Standard features include automatic back-pressure and temperature control modes, independent pressure calibrations for each experiment, and intelligent memory capability to store up to 10 user-defined settings. SHIMADZU TM-1002 stands out from the competition due to its design emphasis on highly repeatable and precise operation. At the heart of the pump lies a self-lubricating, vibration-resistant pumping mechanism for for enhanced performance stability under continuous use conditions. Additionally, stable pressure can be maintained with the optimized three point control system, allowing for precise and repeatable output up to 200 Bar pressure. TM-1002's construction is robust and resistant to contamination, ensuring enhanced durability and longevity of the pump components. All internal components are protected by a stainless steel housing with sealed venting to prevent foreign materials from entering. Additionally, SHIMADZU TM-1002 is compliant with safety regulations, featuring an embedded safety function that prevents operation of the device above its rated pressure. In terms of performance, TM-1002 has numerous advantages. Its low pulse width modulation mode reduces operating noise, eliminating the need for an external air exhaust system. Its high-precision timing and temperature control-capabilities maximize process repeatability, while its two independent pressure adjustments allow for synchronization at different set points. Its integrated error monitoring system monitors the inlet and outlet pressures while its built-in self-diagnostic functions help pinpoint pump-related problems. Additionally its high-speed exhaust valves provide quick cycle times and improve safety by flushing dangerous gases faster. These features, combined with its lightweight, compact design make SHIMADZU TM-1002 ideal for a variety of industrial or laboratory applications. Its ultra-precise operation, reliable performance and intuitive design make it the perfect choice for accurately controlling pressure-dependent processes.
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