Used SHIMADZU TM-1003 #179764 for sale

ID: 179764
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TM-1003 is a state-of-the-art vacuum pump designed for laboratory applications. It is an oil-free, dry vacuum pump, with a displacement of 20.8 liter/minute and maintains ultimate pressure of 20 microns or below. Its innovative 1/2 HP motor is electronically comteolled with soft start and overheat protection features, providing superior performance and reliable operation. This makes it suitable for both low and high suction operations. The high suction capacity of this pump is due to its advanced design, whereby a coolable inlet cover and high flow cooling fan provide consistent, efficient cooling that ensures optimal air volume delivery even at high suction. Additionally, the pump can withstand continuous operation at a maximum suction pressure of 75 mbar and a maximum speed of 25,000 rpm. The high-durability oil-free diaphragm ensures reliable operation and no maintenance hassle. Other features include an easy-to-use touch panel control, an LCD display and a detachable cord for added convenience. The pump's low noise level also makes it suitable for delicate laboratory environments where quiet operation is a must. For secure operation, the manufacturer also incorporated safety features like automatic shut-off, overcurrent protection and backflow guard. TM-1003 is a highly competent, reliable and efficient vacuum pump. With its superior design and robust construction, this powerful yet compact pump can handle the toughest laboratory applications with ease. Compact and lightweight, SHIMADZU TM-1003 is an ideal choice for the lab where space is at a premium.
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