Used SHIMADZU TMP-1001LME #9083322 for sale

ID: 9083322
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-1001LME is a high-performance vacuum-oil sealed piston pump designed for various industrial uses and applications. This compact pump is designed using advanced technologies for providing superior performance under a variety of vacuum conditions. It is suitable for numerous applications that include leak detection for vacuum vessels, vacuum ovens, vacuum furnaces, oil-sealed vacuum pumps, as well as a variety of lab/analysis equipment. TMP-1001LME has a long-life design and high-efficiency operation which provide a reliable performance even under sustained operating conditions. Its sealing equipment has superior lubricating and vibration-reduction properties, which provides improved strong stability while maintaining a low-level of vibration and noise. The lubrication of SHIMADZU is also automated, utilizing a special oil tank system and a hygienically designed filter to prevent oil contamination. SHIMADZU TMP-1001LME utilizes a short-stroked movable valve unit, which allows the end-of-stroke action to be stabilized with a short stroking time. This allows for fast accelerations with low vibrations, providing quick response times even for short stroke industrial systems. It is equipped with a hermetically sealed safety valve, which offers protection from excessive pressure build-up in the machine. TMP-1001LME has an internal anti-friction treatment to reduce mechanical noise generation, internal cooling fan for improved cooling of cycling parts, as well as an improved oil spray tool for increased efficiency and cooling. This pump is also equipped with a special linearly adjustable oil pressure valve, which offers more precise and precise oil flow adjustment. SHIMADZU TMP-1001LME has an easy-to-maintain and transportable design, which offers flexibility of installation. Its light weight and portability make it suitable for various industrial applications. Its superior performance and excellent maintenance makes it ideal for both large-scale and small-scale operations. This pump is the perfect choice for many industrial uses, as it provides excellent reliability, high efficiency, and long life.
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