Used SHIMADZU TMP-1303 #179511 for sale

ID: 179511
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-1303 is a highly advanced pump designed to provide precise vacuum levels with minimal noise and vibration. TMP-1303 is a multi-stage rotary vane pump and uses a combination of resiliently mounted, individually balanced vanes and rotors to maintain perfect synchronous rotation, resulting in a smooth and efficient transfer of flow at all pressure lines. The vanes are maximized for optimized efficiency and are constructed of special material to minimize wear and lubricant consumption. The double suction port allows for continuous vacuum operation, as well as providing a unique degree of vacuum source flexibility. SHIMADZU TMP-1303 has a high pumping speed, up to 2.7 m³/hr, and a high vacuum level, reaching down to 0.07 Pa, or 5 x 10-3 Torr. Suitable applications include both wet and dry processes, enabling investments to be maximized and the number of pumps needed to be minimized. A highly sophisticated inlet filter is integrated into the system to enable operation with minimal contamination in the flow of the pump, so any process can be supported without the need for an extra-added filter. An exhaust muffler is also included to minimize noise and vibration levels. TMP-1303 is also extremely secure and reliable. Various monitoring systems are built in, preventing potential accidents such as oil circulation loss, cooling system failure, and overload. Additional functions for automatic discharge and reciprocal valve operation are included for further convenience. Maintenance is also simplified with its built-in oil level gauge and automatic oil fill and drain functions. Overall, SHIMADZU TMP-1303 is an extremely precise and efficient pump that can support a wide variety of applications with its high pumping speeds, high vacuum levels, and integrated functions. It is also extremely safe and secure, providing reliable performance over long-term usage. Maintenance is also kept low with its unique features.
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