Used SHIMADZU TMP-2001 #123150 for sale

ID: 123150
Turbo molecular pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-2001 is a high-performance, tandem-style vacuum pump designed to meet the strictest of requirements for laboratory and industrial applications. This oil-free, sealed diaphragm pump features two pumping stages that generate a deep vacuum with minimal vibration and noise. With a long service life, its pump-head is designed for years of reliable service and maintenance is greatly reduced. TMP-2001 offers high performance in a compact and lightweight design. Its performance is further improved by the linear valve design that maintains the air-flow balance between the first and second stages for even higher suction power. The motor features a stainless steel shell, which is coupled with a vibration dampening buffer system to further reduce noise. The integrated temperature protection also ensures that the pump is not exposed to excessive temperatures. Compact and efficient, SHIMADZU TMP-2001 is easy to install and maintain, and features a range of user-friendly features. Its intuitive control panel includes a digital display for controlling the pump pressure, and a simple LED on/off button for easy operation. The integrated signaLinks interface allows the pump to be connected to an optional controller for enhanced monitoring, and the integrated vacuum regulator allows users to select the desired suction level. For enhanced safety and convenience, TMP-2001 also includes a built-in relief valve that automates excess pressure control. Its design also features an intelligent reverse-flow treatment system to ensure efficient expelling of fluids. The pump is also equipped with an auto-cleaning function to ensure that the pumping chamber remains clean and free of contaminants. Overall, SHIMADZU TMP-2001 is a high-performance, tandem-style vacuum pump, ideal for laboratory and industrial applications requiring an exceptional level of performance. Its compact and lightweight design make it incredibly easy to install and maintain, while its digital controls allow users to easily adjust pressure levels. With its innovative design and strong features, TMP-2001 is the perfect choice for any application requiring a reliable and efficient vacuum pump.
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