Used SHIMADZU TMP-2003 #179514 for sale

ID: 179514
Turbo pump.
SHIMADZU TMP-2003 is a rugged diaphragm pump designed for a variety of industrial operations. It is a high performance, three-phase AC motor-driven pump that utilizes special construction materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and other corrosion-resistant alloys, to provide a long service life and reliability. Its compact design makes it suitable for space-saving applications, and its silent operation allows foruse in noise-sensitive environments. The pump is constructed with a hermetically sealed body and chamber to protect against contamination and allow for optimal air and liquid flow. Its sturdy structure and design make it durable, while the motor's sealed ball bearings further ensure long-term performance. Additionally, TMP-2003 has a unique patented Vortex Prevention Control (VPC) feature that minimizes the formation of liquid vortices which can damage the pump and reduce the flow rate. SHIMADZU TMP-2003 features a wide pressure and capacity range to accommodate different applications. It can handle both liquid-cooled and air-cooled motors, and has a maximum discharge pressure of 140 psi. The total head can also be adjusted as needed, and thanks to the adoption of electromagnetic braking, the delivery rate can be maintained even when the pump's frequency is adjusted. TMP-2003 is a maintenance-friendly pump, with removable parts that allow for simpler repairs, cleaning, and upkeep. It also features a built-in system for oil displacement and oil change, and its control system allows for convenient speed selection and adjustments. Additionally, the pump is designed to be compatible with most digital controllers for remote operation. In summary, SHIMADZU TMP-2003 is a dependable, user-friendly pump that is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Its sturdy construction and wide range of features make it an excellent choice for providing reliable, efficient performance.
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